WE’RE CONCERNED ABOUT: New York Magazine (1)


Ever since the arrival of editor Adam Moss a few years back, New York Magazine has proven itself a compelling weekly must-read — filled with a complex array of features, charticles, graphics and time-lines.

But this week’s issue has got us worried thanks to two — yes two — features also appearing in rival mags.

The first is the compelling expose of shamed lawyer-swindler Marc Dreier — whose exact same story is also recounted in a far sexier written piece in the new issue of Fortune.

Not good.

Then there’s the less grave — but equally unfortunately-timed — deconstruction of the humble Bánh Mì, a lavishly layered Vietnamese sandwich that Transrcial has been dying to try for years.

Sadly, a far more elaborate Bánh Mì expose appears in today’s New York Times Dining section.

While we understand the vagaries and complexities of putting out a weekly publication with the heft and gravitas of NY Mag, we can’t help but note that two cribbed stories in a single week is simply bad form.

Here’s hoping that this latest NY Mag development quickly becomes last week’s news.


One Response to “WE’RE CONCERNED ABOUT: New York Magazine (1)”

  1. […] While we understand with the Internet and all, it is difficult for any media entity to control rival forces, this unfortunate case of double-dipping is really unacceptable — especially coming so close to previous cases of copy-cat feature writing mere weeks ago. […]

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