Transracial was in Chicago over the weekend where he bumped into the newly-debuted Icream Cafe, which we suspect might just be the future of ice cream.

Located in groovy Wicker Park, Icream is the brainchild of founder Cora Shaw, who has given an unexpectedly scientific spin to this most favorite dessert.

Rather than ordering by the scoop, Icream customers order by the concoction — choosing their own ice cream base, color, flavor and add-ons which are then niftily whirled together using the above machine and flash-frozen via shots of liquid nitrogen (see above).

We kid you not.

The resulting yumminess is then scooped into a cup and served in all its super-cool goodness.

It all takes a bit longer than we’re usually able to endure for a frozen treat, but Icream was a unprecedented dessert experience you should know about.


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