TREND ALERT: Sky Nannies


Transracial is always on the look out for new and noteworthy airline innovations including this doozy we’ve just learned of: Sky Nannies.

It appears as if Gulf Air — which share home bases in the Arabian Gulf nations of Bahrain and Oman — has launched an in-flight babysitting program to give air-weary parents some relief. On-board “Sky Nannies” play with kiddie fliers throughout the flight and keep them occupied with games, puzzles and other youthful fun.

We flew Gulf Air a few years back to Muscat — and while we certainly enjoyed our front-of-the-cabin location, there was sadly no one on-board dedicated to our entertainment.


2 Responses to “TREND ALERT: Sky Nannies”

  1. What next, sky hookers? Oh, that’s right, Emirates already has that, sort of….

  2. transracial Says:

    do they
    please share

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