WE’RE CONCERNED ABOUT: New York Magazine (2)


We love New York Magazine, we live for New York Magazine, we need New York Magazine, which is why we are so concerned about New York Magazine.

Once again, our favorite weekly has been one-upped by a local rival — this time that hot media mess known as The New York Post.

On Saturday (aka Transracial’s birthday), the Post ran THIS in-depth story exploring the case and fate of Etan Patz — the tragic six year old who was kidnapped from SoHo 30 years ago this month. It was a good and informative read.

Now we open today’s New York Magazine to find virtually the exact same story. They even used the exact same photo.

Not good!

While we understand with the Internet and all, it is difficult for any media entity to control rival forces, this unfortunate case of double-dipping is really unacceptable — especially coming so close to previous cases of copy-cat feature writing mere weeks ago.

Here’s hoping the third time proves the unlucky charm NY Mag needs to keep a tighter lid on its weekly product.

UPDATE: Yikes, it gets worse. Transracial just opened this week’s edition of The New Yorker to find THIS article on Brooklyn’s rapidly rising band Grizzly Bear. We knew it sounded familiar and realized that this week’s New York Magazine also has a profile on the quartet.


Once again, our beloved NY Mag has two stories — two features for Buddhas/Allahs/God’s sake — in the same issue covered by local rivals.

Tally up the damage — and you’ve got four stories in total in barely four weeks!

As Miranda Priestly would say — “Not good, not good at all”.


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