MAN OF THE MOMENT: Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives


It’s a bit of a Maldives moment right now thanks to their tireless leader Mohamed Nasheed and his crusade to save his nation from the perils of global warming.

In an audacious move, President Nasheed (above, amid the generals, in his 2008 swearing-in) is contemplating moving the entire population of the Maldives to an entirely new location due to the very real threat that rising sea levels could swallow his heavily-touristed archipelago.


The move is elaborately chronicled in two rather hefty pieces in this week’s Time International and The New York Times Magazines.

In them we learn how developed world fossil fuel abuse is directly impacting the fate of vulnerable nations in the developing world and how the Maldives’ 41 year-old president is facing the reality that his country may soon disappear.

His plan is to move all 300,000 Maldivians to a new nation — perhaps Australia, India or Sri Lanka — using monies set aside from the Maldives’ luxe tourism industry.

We’re staying tuned!


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