WE’RE CONCERNED ABOUT: Dope-Heads in the Gaza Strip


As Transracial reported a while back, folks in the Gaza Strip are turning to some unorthodox ways to relieve the stress after the recent war with Israel. In February, it was mediation and other zen-like ways of chilling out.

Three months on, it appears as if the war-weary Gazans need something just a bit stronger to take the edge off and are turning in droves to hard-core drugs.

According to Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Aharanot, there is a worrisome trend among Gazans who are dosing up on pain killers and tranquilizers to combat the post-combat blues. Add in good old-fashioned street narcotics and monitors from the UN are worried that a full-fledged addiction epidemic is right around the corner.

Most problematic are teen-age abusers who — like their American counterparts — are snagging pills from mom and dad’s medicine cabinets.
Other causes include the promise of increased sexual stamina — which is helping spur a spike in Tramal usage (a strong pain killer) among young married men.


4 Responses to “WE’RE CONCERNED ABOUT: Dope-Heads in the Gaza Strip”

  1. Love. This. Blog!

    • transracial Says:

      spread the word
      tell me more

      • With GREAT pleasure!

        It’s savvy, sexy, informative, chillingly diverse mind candy, (obviously) presented, not by flaky, tweaked out no-minds, but by an erudite, sagacious world-traveler who even puts up with mom’s cautions about H1N1 and the subway!

        It’s cosmopolitan, worldly and, one senses, that this is the place to BE! At least among the cognoscenti & better-thinking glitterati. I bow to you Sir and am damned glad I found ya. Like your style and looking forward to the education you’ll impart.

        Still lamenting my inability to sign up for email alerts/updates of your posts. No time for readers/RSS, AND, truth telling… as computer savvy as a grapefruit.

        So THERE! 🙂

        Have a great night!

        MW Savant

  2. transracial Says:

    Thanks. Now that is what I call fan mail

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