WORD OF THE DAY: Combinability


We received a lovely press release today from the good folks over at American Airlines touting a new era in AA’s frequent flier program.

From now on, the passenger-hungry carrier will allow AA Advantage members to book one-way reward tickets using a pro-rated amount of miles — rather than paying a penalty for only flying one way.

In other words — if a round-trip NYC-Los Angeles free tickets runs 25,000 miles, a one-way ticket is 12,500 miles instead of 20,000 miles.

But we digress.

The most eye-opening element of the release was the concept of “Combinability” — which in AA-speak refers to the ability to fly on two separate ticket types during a single journey. For instance, NYC to LA in coach, LA-NYC in business.

This, in their words, is “Combinability”.

According to my English skills — and the spell-check of this software — “combinability” is not a word. Or so I thought.

Actually, dictionary.com indeed lists a definition which suggests that AA is indeed using the word as intended.

Guess we will now, too!


3 Responses to “WORD OF THE DAY: Combinability”

  1. Hats off to the PR wordsmiths at AA….”combinability” now joins “liaise,” “interface” and “monetize” in the Munged and Mangled Vernacular Hall of Fame….

  2. Humberto Karan Says:

    TAM here in Brazil have been using the features of the so called “AA´s new era in frequent flier” for ages… Gol mas well.
    We can issue a one way reward ticket for 20,000 points to North America in economy and come back on business for 40,000 points…The so called combinability is nothing new for Programa Fidelidade member of TAM.

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