GOING STRONG AT EUROVISION: Noa and Mira Advance to Final Round!


Good news from Moscow. Transracial favorites Noa and Mira Awad (above) were selected as one of 10 acts headed to the semifinals at this year’s Eurovision contest.


As readers well know, we’ve been big fans of the duo since it was announced months ago that they would represent Israel at Eurovison — the first time a mixed Jewish-Arab act has been chosen to do so.

As we reported in THIS article on Time.com, the pair are performing as a living testament to Arab-Jewish co-existence and the real hope that peace in the Middle East may one day see the light.


What we can confirm is that Awad — a personal Transracial buddy — and Noa (a phone-friend) are just completely right on! Whether they win in Moscow this weekend or not, their presence on the stage is proof positive that culture can (kinda/sorta) conquer all.

Bring it ladies!


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