ON THE ATTACK: Zombie Fire Ants


Last month we reported on the discovery of Slave Ants — ants who are kidnapped by other ants and forced into endless slave ant labor.

Now it turns out that scientists at the University of Texas have created Zombie ants!


So what are zombie ants? They’re pesky fire ants — the kind that keep the pest control folks in business — who are attacked by parasitic phorid flies who lay their eggs in these ants’ bodies.


Once the eggs hatch, their youthful larvae migrate into the head of their ant host — invade it, mess with their brains and cause the ant’s head to actually fall off.

Then the head-less ants begin to wander lifelessly propelled by the growing fly inside their body.

Zombie ants!!

Eventually the fly hatches and emerges from the ant’s lifeless body leaving the carcass in the dust.



3 Responses to “ON THE ATTACK: Zombie Fire Ants”

  1. Cold cruel world….what sentient higher being would dream this up….or bother!

  2. transracial Says:

    crazy stuff!

  3. […] our earlier reporting on Slave Ants and then Zombie Fire Ants — Transracial now turns its attention to the plague-to-be known as the Raspberry […]

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