SPOTTED IN AUSTRIA: Former KKK Leader David Duke


Following his recent expulsion from the neighboring Czech Republic, former KKK leader David Duke has been spotted living in Austria — where local authorities are apparently welcoming him with open arms.


For those of you where were absent during ’80s Week, Duke is a big-time Nazi-lover and Holocaust denier who is not so keen on Black folk either.

Duke ran for myriad public offices including governor of Louisiana — but was also sent to jail for tax evasion earlier in the decade.

He is now in the Salzburg area selling wildlife photos — he is apparently an amateur photo buff — and is essentially free to say as long as he does not break the law.

Might those be Nuremberg Laws, perhaps!


One Response to “SPOTTED IN AUSTRIA: Former KKK Leader David Duke”

  1. So let me get this straight….. This asshole doesn’t like Blacks, Jews, Catholics or any “Foreigner” living in his country. (a country which was stolen by thieves and run by crooks) but yet he thinks he can come to a Foreign country and live in peace???…. tut tut….. I don’t think so…

    If anyone has his address please make it freely available around the net

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