Transracial had a bit of a low-meets-high culture day yesterday, beginning with an afternoon screening of Angels and Demons with media buddy DC followed by an evening concert at Carnegie Hall where maestro Daniel Barenboim conducted Mahler.

Among the many Saturday surprise were — Barenboim being unexpectedly short. Mahler’s final movement of the evening being almost unbearably long. And the talent and beauty of actress Ayelet Zurer, Tom Hank’s Angels and Demons side-kick.

We first became aware of Zurer back in our days living in Tel Aviv when she appeared in the original, Hebrew-language version of In Treatment as the kooky, super-sexed character who in the US adaptation has the affair with Blair Underwood’s doomed pilot dude.

She then leaped to the big screen playing Eric Bana’s wife in Steven Spielberg’s Munich.

The role was a juicy one and set out a path for the international movie stardom that could very well be awaiting Zurer. While it was interesting to see her play an Israeli (albeit speaking in English) in Munich, Zurer’s biggest talent lies in her ability to convincingly play characters of myriad origins.

In Vantage Point — an entertaining thriller set in Spain but filmed in Mexico released after Munich — Zurer was a Spanish terrorist.


And now in Angels and Demons, she is an Italian scientist — complete with ample Italian dialogue, a pitch-perfect Italian accent and hip-hugging, ultra-sleek Italian outfits.


As Zurer wows audiences nationwide with Angels and Demons, we confidently declare that she could very well be Israel’s first-ever major media super-star.



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