DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Botswanan President Ian Khama


Things are getting interesting in the Southern African nation of Botswana — where President Ian Khama is looking to get his 1.8 million citizens to stop hitting the bottle. In THIS in-depth feature story, The Financial Times reveals Khama’s recent decree tacking on a a whopping 70 percent levy on alcohol sold in his country. Khama — rail slim and an avowed teetotaler — says booze is causing his nation to fall into moral decline and helping to spread the ravages of AIDS in one of the most HIV-ravaged nations on the planet.

Naturally, the folks at multi-national breweries are not very happy about Khama’s plans are fear it may cause both their businesses and Botswana’s economy to spiral downward.

Khama — whose succeeded his Black-African father and is the son of a white English mother — says nonsense, as is committed to the belief that alcohol is a Botswanan national enemy!


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