ANNA VS. OPRAH: Old News…..Very Old News


Considering our own battles with the bulge, we’re quick to point out the evils of body fascism. But the current brouhaha over Anna Wintour’s comments about Oprah Winfrey’s weight on the editor’s recent 60 Minutes appearance have got us feeling feisty.

It’s not that we support Wintour’s critique of Winfrey’s curves — or the outcry it has spurred. Rather, we’ve simply heard it all before.

Flash-backwards to the fateful Winfrey Vogue issue 11 years ago and Wintour states VERY clearly in her Letter from the Editor that she asked the talk show queen to lose weight before the big shoot.

It’s all there — in glossy black and white. “She knew she would have to lose weight, but she had done that before, and she promised to lose 20 pounds by our deadline,” Wintour wrote back then.

Since Wintour’s worries about WInfrey’s weight were out and center from the get-go — and Oprah apparently got with the diet program and lost 20 lbs — why all the fuss more than a decade later.

Wintour’s penchant for the painfully thin has been long-known. As was her need for Winfrey to slim down to appear on her cover.

We say the current Anna vs. Oprah controversy makes for good press. But truth be told, it’s simply a case of late and lazy reporting.

This is old news — hence it is NOT news!


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