DISCOVERED: Baby-Face Key to Black Business Success


Transracial professor bud Robert Livingston of Northwest University just completed a very interesting study that suggests that African American businessmen are far more likely to succeed in corporate America if they have a baby face!

In his just-released study, Prof. Livingston suggests that the sweet, youthful characteristics of a baby face — often considered negatives in White corporate America — actually benefit Black men.

The study looked at high-profile Black CEOS — including Clarence Otis, Jr., CEO of Darden Restaurants (above) — and determined that baby faces helped connote a less-threatening demeanor for Black business men that led to their greater acceptance in the work-place. Interestingly, the opposite holds true for White Ceos.

“If you’re a white male, you can exhibit anger, pound your fist, make ultimatums … African-Americans have to adopt a kinder, gentler style of leadership,” Livingston said. “The same sorts of behaviors that are effective for white males can’t be utilized effectively by black males.”

As you can see, Livingston has quite the baby-face himself, which makes you wonder if he may one day end up in the uber-corner office.


One Response to “DISCOVERED: Baby-Face Key to Black Business Success”

  1. […] though she’s not a man, think Burns totally has a baby face – and wonder if it has contributed to her […]

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