Bravo Conde Nast Traveler. The luxe monthly has just published THIS thoroughly engaging feature on Israel’s cultural and commercial capital which right now is celebrating its centenary.

Author Adam Lebor is a long-time Transracial favorite, regular Economist contributor and author of the must-read book City of Oranges, which chronicles the history of Jews and Arabs in the ancient city of Jaffo.

Having written ourselves about Tel Aviv many, many times, we can confirm that unlike other glossy features, Lebor’s take on the city is spot-on and from an insider’s view.

He very much confirms that Tel Aviv is as cool as folks say it is. And doesn’t do so by trying to prove that Tel Aviv is just like every other city in the world. It’s not — and that’s what makes it so exciting.

And the pics are as dazzling as the reportage.

Only gaff: Failure to mention ace restaurant Catit — which last night held a special dinner in New York at the James Beard House honoring Tel Aviv and the culinary magic of chef Meir Adoni.


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