WANTED: 800 Extras for Governors Island Zombie Movie Shoot


This weekend welcomes the Summer opening of Governors Island, which kicks off the warm-weather with a polo championship headlined by none other than Britain’s Prince Harry.

While youthful royalty are certainly lures, the real news over on the former military base is that hip arts organization Creative Time is helping to develop a new move called Isle of the Dead — which tells the story of New York at the moment of the art world’s demise.

Shot on both the Governors Island and the NYC mainland, the film’s producers are looking for 800 extras to serve as a wacked-out Zombie army complete with zombie make-up by the film crew’s make-up team and zombie music to get the crowd pumping. The extras are needed for shooting on Governors Island on June 7th.


If you wanna do it, you gotta move fast — RSVP is by June 1.

Meanwhile, as for the rest of the summer, polo is just one of many outdoor activities taking place this year on the island, a onetime military base. There are free bikes for rides around its historic waterfront, jazz concerts, the Figment Art Festival, and even a beach, which opens for the July 4th weekend.

Who knew there was so much going on down there.


One Response to “WANTED: 800 Extras for Governors Island Zombie Movie Shoot”

  1. […] While our siblings over at Daily Intel are busy staking out the perfect hiding spot on Governors Island from which to stalk quietly observe Prince Harry this weekend, if you make the trip over there next weekend, you’ll see over 800 zombies shooting a big scene for the upcoming film Isle of the Dead. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be undead without, you know, actually dying, you have until June 1 to RSVP. [Transracial] […]

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