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All of Harlem was celebrating the birthday today of Malcolm X — who was born on May 19th way back in 1925.

The African-American/Grenadian/Scottish advocate for Black folk would have been 84 today if he’d not been shot down by the forces against progress in 1965.

Considering we live on the Boulevard named in his honor, we clearly salute Malcolm and hope that his messages — both good and bad — continue to encourage dialogue, introspection, reflection and self-examination among the communities he sought to impact.

PS — It’s also the birthday of Transracial’s beloved bud NS. Mazal to you my dear dear amigo. Life is just a sunnier place with you in it.



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22q4-190 While her views may not be popular among the global donor elite, Zambian-born/London-based economist Dambisa Moyo is having a bit of a moment. Author of the new book “Dead Aid” (out March 17), Moyo — a former Goldman Sachs big-wig — argues that the billions of dollars Africa receives in international aid is actually stifling the continent. The money fosters corruption, stifles creativity and hold Africa back. Her biggest ire: Celeb do-gooders such as Bono who’ve misguidedly — if not dangerously — turned Africa into their post-colonial pet projects.

No more shes says!

Moyo’s unorthodox views can be read in this week’s New York Times Magazine — though for a far more complex look at her work and thinking, read the following Financial Times profile from a few weeks back.

With her blue-chip credentials, radical thinking and sexy visage, Dambisa Moyo is one Daily Hotness worth reading.

DAILY HOTNESS: Hillary Clinton

Posted in DAILY HOTNESS, NEWS on February 21, 2009 by transracial

0164179555085 On her first major foreign visit since becoming America’s new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton rocked a chic red scarf to compliment her new power position. Upon arriving in Beijing yesterday for a three-day China tour, Clinton was not only super stateswoman-like, she was chic, classy and sophisticated — and our first-ever Daily Hotness. We heart Hillary for her commitment to the nation and her unending grace in serving the new administration.