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DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Transracial-in-Chief Barack Obama

Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL on May 28, 2009 by transracial


Long before he became President, Barack Obama was a nice boy from Hawaii who moved to LA to study at Occidental College in the late 1970s

There he did what most young adults do in SoCal — experimented with fashion, friends and even drugs before heading full-steam onto the
path that would lead him to the White House.

Anyone who’s keen to see what Pres. O looked like back then should make for Los Angeles where the exhibition Barack Obama: The Freshman opens TODAY at the M+B Gallery.

On display through July 18, the 1980 photos are by photographer Lisa Jack — a fellow Occidental alum — who kept them out of the spotlight until after last November’s election.

The 21 pics show a super-cool Pres. O complete with afro and funky, period-appropriate outfits.


DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Rabbi Alysa Stanton

Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL, NEWS on May 20, 2009 by transracial


Big news in the rabbinical arena. Next month sees Alysa Stanton (above) becoming the first-ever formally-ordained female African-American rabbi.

Forty five year-old Stanton was born Pentecostal in Cleveland, OH and began a hard-core Orthodox conversion process in her 20s.

The divorced mother already completed her Rabbinical internship in — of all places — Dothan, Alabama, where the local congregation was not entirely initially welcoming.

But after a year on the pulpit, they fell in love with this unique spiritual force. Next month Stanton takes up her permanent position at Congregation Bayt Shalom in Greenville, NC.



Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL on May 18, 2009 by transracial


Long before Madonna and Angelina Jolie popularized white folk adopting black babies, uber-director Steven Spielberg was setting the trend — having adopted two African American kids back in the ’80s!

The oldest is Theo (above), who — according to Gawker — is taking up roost at our favorite magazine, New York, where he will serve as an intern.

No word yet as to his exact editorial duties, but we suspect young Theo will not be assisting the cinema editor.

DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Botswanan President Ian Khama

Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL, NEWS on May 17, 2009 by transracial


Things are getting interesting in the Southern African nation of Botswana — where President Ian Khama is looking to get his 1.8 million citizens to stop hitting the bottle. In THIS in-depth feature story, The Financial Times reveals Khama’s recent decree tacking on a a whopping 70 percent levy on alcohol sold in his country. Khama — rail slim and an avowed teetotaler — says booze is causing his nation to fall into moral decline and helping to spread the ravages of AIDS in one of the most HIV-ravaged nations on the planet.

Naturally, the folks at multi-national breweries are not very happy about Khama’s plans are fear it may cause both their businesses and Botswana’s economy to spiral downward.

Khama — whose succeeded his Black-African father and is the son of a white English mother — says nonsense, as is committed to the belief that alcohol is a Botswanan national enemy!

DAILY TRANSRACIAL: The Cast of Precious

Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL, NEWS on May 16, 2009 by transracial


The buzz-meter is blaring non-stop about the upcoming indie film Precious — which stars an impressive roster of Transracial talent including Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey and the uber-lovely Paula Patton (all above, yesterday, along with star Monique and director Lee Daniels).

The crew were snapped yesterday in Cannes enjoying some fruity-flavored down-time at Vitamin Water’s La Plage chill-out zone.

How refreshing!

Already a surprise success at Sundance, Precious is based on the book Push by poet-author Sapphire and tells the story of a young and pregnant African-American girl looking to escape the cycle of poverty, violence and hopelessness.

Talk is that Monique’s performance may be Oscar-worthy as an abusive mother.

We cannot wait.


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Like Pres. O, rocker Lenny Kravitz is true Transracial royalty. Like your’s truly and Transracial IK, Kravitz is half black/half Jewish. Not only that, he married the equally half-Black/half-Jewish (and fellow San Francisco-native) Lisa Bonet – and together they sired up-and-coming girl about town Zoe Kravitz, another bona find JewLatto!


Like your trusty blogger, Kravitz also has an affinity for the elegant jewelry of Sharon Alouf, who has made signature custom-designed golden thumb rings for us both.

For real!

Anyway……Kravitz is getting some new-found attention for a recent Twitter-controversy. It appears as if the musician — who is sadly far more in shape than this Transracial — likes to bare his naughty bits. And he did this week on his Twitter page causing folks in the Twitter-sphere to get all…well…twittery.

We think the pics is tastefully PG-13 and are using it as inspiration to get back to the gym!


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Soul-loving funksters can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the news that Brookyln-born crooner Maxwell is returning to center stage with a new record to be released in July.

The 36 year-old Rican/Afro-Caribbean singer’s album BLACK Summers’ Night is generating strong early buzz — Essence says it betrays hints of Curtis Mayfield — and launches with an accompanying 23-city tour this summer.


Maxwell fans are stoked about his imminent return after a seven year absence. Where was he? First, he was cutting off his notorious Afro (see above) to a new, sleek and shorn hair-do. He was also touring Europe, writing his music and just being a totally cool dude.

We like it.