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SONY vs. EMI: New Character Enters Nasty Legal Drama

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, NEWS on May 29, 2009 by transracial


Earlier this month Sony Music took smaller rival EMI — and its exec Ron Werre — to court after Werre broke a last-minute/$3 million deal to join Sony as President of the Commercial Music Group.

It appears as if Werre was doing some shady double-dealing and only used the threat of moving to Sony to secure a big-time promotion and pay raise back at EMI.

It worked — and Werre went from mere President of Music Services to COO at EMI.

According to Sony — Werre never had any intention of moving companies and was playing both music giants all along. Indeed, EMI was so keen to retain Werre that its big-wigs directly contacted Sony Music Chief Executive Officer Rolf Schmidt-Holtz to scrap Werre’s new contract.

As for the sad sucker Werre was intended to replace, he had already been canned by Sony.


Now, EMI and Werre will face Sony in court — at a time when EMI is in serious financial dire straits.

But meanwhile, we can report, Sony itself is shifting into proactive mode and will now award the coveted President of the Commercial Music Group title to Richard Story, who is currently chief operating officer of Sony Music Continental Europe.

The move places Story — currently based in London but soon shifting to NYC — in a far more global position while suggest to Werre that he better be secure in new EMI glory.

We’ll see both sides in court.


WORD OF THE DAY: Celebri-Tweet

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, NEWS on May 21, 2009 by transracial


Our ability to escape the Twitter-verse is rapidly coming to an end. Starting soon E Entertainment TV will begin running a “news-crawl” at the bottom of its screen of Celebri-Tweets — Twitter messages from celebrities (such as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, above).

The Celebri-Tweets will also appear on E’s website, with the network trying to explore ways to somehow — someday — figure out how to create revenue from this who Twitter-sphere.

Good luck.

THE MOGULS OF MAY: Bloomberg vs. Bilderberg

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, WHO KNEW? on May 21, 2009 by transracial


Page Six has a lovely post today about a recent meeting between Mayor Bloomberg and a clutch of his billionaire friends on May 5th in NYC to discuss the things that billionaires talk about: Philanthropy, big-business, the economic crisis, their homes.

While the confab was productive — and heavily-hyped as NYC’s mogul get-together of the season — it was actually a mere appetizer compared to May’s real power broker-fest, the recent Bilderberg event in Athens.

Held just last weekend at the swanky Astir Palace resort just outside the Greek capital, the annual event lured a true who’s-who of global financial, political and cultural leadership.

Indeed folks such as U.S. State Department number two James Steinberg, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, World Bank President Robert Zoellick, European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso, Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands were all in attendance.

And their presence warranted some top-tier security: According to locals, a Greek navy launch and boats carrying elite divers could be seen a few meters off the coast of the peninsula where the hotel stands. Greek newspapers said the group had also asked for the protection of two F-16 warplanes and a police helicopter.


For those of you, like us, wondering just what the Bilderberg Group is actually all about, it is a 50-something year old affiliation of some 130 members in the top banking/industry/political arenas who come together each year at fancy hotels worldwide and discuss the current “condition” of the planet.

Unsurprisingly, the Bilderbergs are ripe for conspiracy theories and loud talk of global domination.

But this ain’t Hollywood — the Bilderbergers are real!

MEDIA MAKER: Carine Roitfeld

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Although she continues to insist she’s not after America Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s job, Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld is continuing to fortify her media presence.

In THIS new article in London’s The Guardian, Roitfeld dishes about her work, her family and her attempt to edit a luxury magazine in this era of austerity.

Most important, the piece points out some key — yet subtle — differences between Roitfeld and Wintour. While the latter is icy and off-limits, Roitfeld, they suggest, is all smiles and access — eager to share tidbits about her family, friends and career.

Americans like smiles. Wintour might consider a lesson in levity.


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You know you’ve reached a certain level of over-exposed anonymity when someone creates a blog dedicated to stalking you.

Such is the case with Mike Nelson, a 6ft, 4 inch giant of a man (above) and the inspiration for our favorite new site —

Nelson, 37, likes to sun himself in scantily-clad, body-conscious clothing in parks Manhattan-wide when not working out, competing in body-building contests or serving as an extra in local low-budget flicks.

He’s been to prison, lived on the streets and even served as a (hetero) exotic dancer.

Most importantly, he’s now a muse for this see-it-to-believe-it website.

OPRAH WINFREY: In-Flight Virgin

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, NEWS on May 20, 2009 by transracial

group shot

In more Oprah news, the talk-show empress will have a unique program tomorrow to celebrate low-cost carrier Virgin America officially becoming the first airline in the USA with WiFi at every seat on every plane.

The show — titled “Where the Skype Are You” — will feature Winfrey chatting with Virgin America flight attendant Mandalay Roberts via video chat on a Virgin flight from Los Angeles to Seattle.

The virtual excitement continued as Oprah helps “host” an in-flight wine tasting on the Virgin plane.

The segment is part of a larger show detailing adventure travel across the globe.

Maybe Anna will show up to help everyone count a few calories.

ANNA VS. OPRAH: Old News…..Very Old News

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Considering our own battles with the bulge, we’re quick to point out the evils of body fascism. But the current brouhaha over Anna Wintour’s comments about Oprah Winfrey’s weight on the editor’s recent 60 Minutes appearance have got us feeling feisty.

It’s not that we support Wintour’s critique of Winfrey’s curves — or the outcry it has spurred. Rather, we’ve simply heard it all before.

Flash-backwards to the fateful Winfrey Vogue issue 11 years ago and Wintour states VERY clearly in her Letter from the Editor that she asked the talk show queen to lose weight before the big shoot.

It’s all there — in glossy black and white. “She knew she would have to lose weight, but she had done that before, and she promised to lose 20 pounds by our deadline,” Wintour wrote back then.

Since Wintour’s worries about WInfrey’s weight were out and center from the get-go — and Oprah apparently got with the diet program and lost 20 lbs — why all the fuss more than a decade later.

Wintour’s penchant for the painfully thin has been long-known. As was her need for Winfrey to slim down to appear on her cover.

We say the current Anna vs. Oprah controversy makes for good press. But truth be told, it’s simply a case of late and lazy reporting.

This is old news — hence it is NOT news!