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OPEN IN MALLORCA: The Monocle Pop-Up Shop

Posted in NEWS, SPEND on May 29, 2009 by transracial


Mere weeks after debuting their Los Angeles outpost, Monocle Magazine is setting up shop on the sunny island of Mallorca with a special “pop-up” boutique all summer long.

Located in Palma’s Santa Catalina quarter, the shop will house all sorts of Monocle-branded goodies as well as the latest — and greatest — issues. There will also be a clutch of products Monocle-made especially for summer.

Time to fish out those Euros.

Monocle Shop
Calle San Magin 64
07013 Palma/St. Catalina
Mallorca, Spain
++ 34 971 451 844


DISCOVERED IN COLOMBIA (1): Xoco Puro Chocolate

Posted in NEWS, ON OUR RADAR, SPEND on April 2, 2009 by transracial


As loyal Transracial readers know, we were just in Colombia — and have a lot to report, beginning with Xoco Puro Chocolate, a haute chocolatier we found in Bogota’s hip Zona Rosa district.

Like New York’s Jacques Torres, Xoco is betting big on the whole single-origin trend, using chocolate entirely sourced from Colombia itself and helping to prove that the South American nation can grow far more than merely coffee and coca.

Indeed, Xoco is taking their hand-made chocolatey confections and sexing them up with Colombian fruits and spices — many hard to find here in the USA — and then decorating them with the ultra-groovy graphic scheme featured above. The unique branding element continues to Xoco bags and boutiques and helps establish Xoco’s premium bona fides and was cleverly created by LA-based design shop Creable Studio.

During our visit, we particularly enjoyed the orange-filled truffles and spicy, peppery bon-bons — just two of Xoco’s two dozen varieties.

Xoco Puro Chocolate: Av. Calle 82, No. 11-78 l.7
++ 57 1 6220443

COVETED: YSL’s New $300 T-Shirt

Posted in NEWS, ON OUR RADAR, SPEND on March 12, 2009 by transracial


In these dark economic times, there is certainly no excuse for spending $300 on a t-shirt.

But if we did have a few bills kicking around, we’d dedicate them to the new YSL shirt above. Created to celebrate the French firm’s third anniversary of its updated Japanese operation, a mere 70 of the shirts will be crafted, giving them instant cult status.

With its strong graphic logo and vaguely baseball jersey aesthetic, this is a shirt made for representin’ from the catwalk to the dugout.

Geisai Returns to Tokyo

Posted in NEWS, SPEND on March 4, 2009 by transracial


Although we’ve got nothing against the man personally, Transracial is a bit jolly that the whole Takashi Murakami moment appears to be ending.

His incessant self-promotion and endless co-branding endeavors were just a bit too much — even for media/marketing madmen such as ourselves.

But we do support Murakami’s embrace of young Japanese artists and his commitment to their success. Which is why if we happen to be in Tokyo this Sunday, we’ll be sure to check out Geisai No. 12 — an annual fair where local artists deal directly with the public with no gallery in between. The brain-child of Murakami, the fair — held at the Tokyo Big Sight, East Two and Three Hall — will include some 1,000 booths where young creatives will interact with potential fans to be.

Geisai has made its mark as one of Japan’s most fertile outlets for undiscovered talent — and in recent years has made guest appearances as uber-fairs including Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami (as seen above).

If you find a moment to pop by, do report back.

Diaspora Design

Posted in NEWS, ON OUR RADAR, SPEND on March 4, 2009 by transracial


Here’s a groovy-graphic way to do good while looking good. Right now San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art is selling a series of specially-commissioned playing cards created by graphic designer Martin Venezky and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham. Titled Diaspora, the two sets of cards are part of SF MOMA’s Architecture + Design Forum and via pictures and words tell parallel stories of double movement: Humans fleeing the city and animals taking over what remains.

The idea is that just as cards mix during play, so do these disparate populations.

Futuristic! — In an artsy Will Smith kind of way.

The cards (including the example above) are available via 415-357 4025/ — with all proceeds benefiting the A+D Forum.

Cirque du Single

Posted in NEWS, ON OUR RADAR, SPEND on March 4, 2009 by transracial


You’ve gotta applaud the folks down in Australia for creativity. Just when we thought we had heard of every possible form of dating, Sydney’s Aerialize Aerial Theatre has come up with this gold nugget: A new Single’s Circus Night — for Gays and Lesbians.

Launching on March 12, the three-hour evening will see 16 men and 16 women relate — and hopefully date — as they tight-rope walk, fly on a trapeze, silk-tissu climb, hula-hoop and other acrobatics. The idea is for the singles to meet-and-greet one another as they pass through the theater performing each trick and tumble. There’s lots of touching and balancing — but in a PG kinda way. And at the end of it all, there are bottles of bubbly to keep the mood festive.

It’s all overseen by a pair of acrobat pros who keep things safe yet sexy, and guide the group apres acrobatics to a local pub where the loving, it is hoped, might really take off.

The March 12 Gay and Lesbian event follows a pair of successful Circus Singles Nights for heteros earlier this year. Founder and instructor Bel Macedone says taking the evening Gay was inevitable. “We had so many requests for such a night because so many of our aerialists are Gay,” she explains. “The local Gay press is really keen on the evening.”

Macedone invited Transracial down to Down Under to take a spin on the high-wire.

Our decision, you might say, is still up in the air.

THIS JUST IN: Kim Vo Opens a Second Montage Salon

Posted in ESCAPE, NEWS, SPEND, TRULY TRANSRACIAL on March 3, 2009 by transracial

Shear Genius judge and Vietnamese-French hair whiz Kim Vo (above, in blonde) has just opened his second Montage Hotel salon — a day-old space at the Montage’s Laguna Beach property where he will clip, color and curl the locks of the local and global fabulocracy.

The move comes just months after the transracial tress-master debuted his first Montage outpost at the new Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Vogue’s “best blonder in the business” is big on “green” hair styling — embracing veggie-based coloring products that help clients look good while doing good for the planet.

How eco!

A constant — and perhaps over-present — presence on shows such as “Extreme Makeover,” “Daily 10” and “Roots” on E! Entertainment, “Tease” on Oxygen, Vo has worked his magic on high-wattage heads such as Teri Hatcher, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Chelsea Handler, Angela Bassett and Sylvester Stallone.

We personally pay little attention to hair maintenance, but salute Vo’s co-branding with what Travel + Leisure Magazine says is L.A.’s luxest new home-away-from-home.

If we ever make it out West, please have our suite — and those sheers — ready.