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Just wanted to share — Transracial just reached 100,000 hits today.

Mazal to us!

And gratitude to you, kind readers.


The Time for Christopher Street

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots which not only ushered in the Gay liberation movement, but established New York’s Christopher Street has the culture’s de-facto HQ.

Since that time Christopher Street — and the entire West Village — have morphed from Libertine play-pen to low-rent(boy) tourist trap to the cutesy stomping-ground of Sex and the City wanna-bes.

But now Christopher Street is evolving an entirely new sheen. Smart, directional boutiques have emerged. Bijoux, fashion-forward restaurants are opening shop. And style-minded guys of all stripes are replacing the Magnolia-munching masses — THANK GOD!

It’s a movement on the ascent — now validated by those ultra-validators themselves, The New York Times.

In this week’s T Men’s Fashion issue, a (fascinatingly written) Style Map charts the trend, including visits to key Christopher Street destinations such as shoe-emporium Leffot (above) and the fragrance-opia, Aedes de Venustas.

We’ll see you there — if The Times ever pays us!

TREND ALERT: Israeli Cosmetics

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Israel may be known for many things — fighters, falafel, funny accents — but a nascent player in the skin care industry is not one of them.

At least until now.

According to a (finely-written) report in this weekend’s Financial Times, the tiny Jewish nation is emerging as an unlikely player in this multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry.

Sure, beauty fans are familiar with Ahava — the Dead Sea salt-based skin care brand that is now exanding into free-standing boutiques worldwide. Well, Israel insiders have gone way beyond Ahava and are now bullish on newer, boutique lines including Butai (above), Olia, Laline, Sabon and Yes To Carrots.

We’ve nearly tried them all and can confirm they’re efficacy and refreshing scents. Most brands are available either in top department stores or on-line.

While it’s probably too soon to tell, perhaps the path to Middle Eastern peace is paved with skin toners and exfoliants.

Is The New York Times Copying Us?

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Way back on February 12th we ran THIS item about the upcoming Eurovision duet between Arab-Israeli singer Mira Awad and Jewish-Israeli singer Noa. Both will represent Israel at Eurovision in Moscow in May — marking the first time an Arab-Israeli has sung for her nation.

Apparently we were on to something. Now The New York Times has appeared with this piece, set to run in tomorrow’s edition telling its readers what Transracial readers already know: That the duo are to perform. That Israel’s left and right have issues. And that both Noa and Mira are multi-culti hotties.

We heart the Times for reporting the story — but wonder what took them so long?

PS: The Times has not always been so late to the Israel-as-Eurovision-Maverick trend. Back in 2006, the Times published
this article about Eddie Butler, a member of Israel’s ultra-tiny Black Hebrew minority and that year’s Israeli Eurovision entrant.

Gripping reportage — if we do say so ourselves!

Rebirth in Rwanda

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rotatephp Nearly two years ago we had the honor of visiting Rwanda — both to witness the resurrection of this blighted nation and trek to view its rare, endangered Silverback gorillas. As most of you know, nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered in 100 days of genocidal madness between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi tribes. Today, Rwanda is touted as a pillar of democracy and stability within Africa — bolstered by hundreds of millions of dollars of economic aid. But the scars of the genocide still linger, especially for the nation’s thousands of orphans. Which is why we applaud the work of the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, which was set up in Rwanda by American Anne E. Heyman using a model pioneered in Israel in the 1950s to absorb Holocaust orphans. According to Jerusalem-based news service Israe21c, some 120 orphans are now in the village — which has plans to grow to 500 kids by 2012.
We like it!

We’ve Succommed

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Thanks to this article, we now have a Twitter account.

Now if only we could figure out how to use it.

Not So Rosy

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permcollection2 The decision by Transracial alma mater Brandeis University to shutter its esteemed Rose Art Museum is proving troublesome to the hard-hit arts market. The Museum’s collection — totaling 6,000 to 8,000 pieces — include blue-chip works by the likes of Warhol, Lichtenstein and Max Weber (above). According to today’s New York Magazine, the collection’s sale — and suspected tiny tally — would shed light on just how low the art market has fallen. Apparently collectors and gallerists who overpaid during the good times are concerned their own collections may actually be far leaner in worth than they’d like to admit. Yikes.