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Pure as Paper

Posted in USEFUL STUFF, WE SUPPORT, WHO KNEW? on February 22, 2009 by transracial

510vdjhzil_ss500_paperorigami2paperorigami1 The Paper Architect is a new book that take origami to totally intense levels. Armed with folding paper and a crafts knife, readers learn how to crate some of the world’s top architecture wonders out of paper — from the Taj Mahal to the Coliseum in Rome to a traditional Japanese pagoda. Authors Ingrid Siliakus and Marivi Garrido are origami masters whose works have been displayed everywhere from SoHo galleries to the American Craft Museum.

With its innovative use of architecture and craft, the book is equally kid- and grown up-friendly.

Fold away!


Low-Cost Luxe

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Times may be tough — but you still gotta look good (or at least make an effort). Which is why we’re keeping an eye on the new (or at least new to us) website HAUTELOOK. The site is like an online sample sale — with ongoing 36 – 72-hour sales of fancy-shmancy brands (Gucci, Armani, etc) for men and women. Savings can reach up to 75 percent.

Happy shopping.


Posted in NEWS, USEFUL STUFF, WHO KNEW? on February 19, 2009 by transracial

25cellslide1According to folks over at Wireless Intelligence, a mobile technology research firm, the world has just welcomed its four BILLIONTH mobile phone connection. Which means by 2013, the figure should reach six billion — roughly the same number as the Earth’s human population.
With cell phones becoming ever cheaper and call usage and credit increasingly serving as currency in the developing world, it appears as if
the mobile era is really just beginning.

Rad Rashid

Posted in NEWS, USEFUL STUFF on February 10, 2009 by transracial

img1 The Museum of Arts and Design in New York has just debuted its new Design and Innovation Gallery — a space dedicated to short-term shows by celebrated design minds. The space premieres with an assemblage of pieces by the Anglo-Egyptian-Canadian Karim Rashid in a show titled Totally Rad: Karim Rashid Does Radiators. The exhibition — running from March 4 through May 17 — includes 30 examples of radiator-related works designed by Rashid and manufacture by Anrax, Runtal, and Caleido (including the steel and acrylic example above). Let’s hope the Museum has paid its heating bill.

Academy of Fun

Posted in ON OUR RADAR, USEFUL STUFF on February 10, 2009 by transracial

acadslide4 Too bad we’re not visiting our home town, San Francisco, this week. On Thursday, its landmark-worthy California Academy of Science launches its Nightlife series — weekly nocturnal events featuring music, mingling and cocktails within its newly-designed Renzo Piano home. The series begins this week and lasts through October 29th. The good times run from 6pm — 10pm each Thursday and tickets are a very recession-considerate $10 each.

Posted in NEWS, SPEND, USEFUL STUFF on February 9, 2009 by transracial

car_mini_270x200-2 Although we don’t personally drive, our vehicle-loving friends are certain to dig the new rent-by-the-hour service Connect by Hertz. Now in operation in New York, London and Paris, the scheme allows members ($50/year) to rent fully-gassed cars by the day or hour — from just $8.50 per hour, including petrol. The actual vehicles range from the eco-friendly Toyota Prius to far more stylish BMW Minis (above). Launching in 20 more cities soon, Connect cars come equipped with iPod adapters, GPS systems. Let’s hope — at least in my case — with a driver as well.

Smart Top

Posted in USEFUL STUFF, WE SUPPORT on February 8, 2009 by transracial

31a8nrunl4l_aa280_ They might look like miniature gas pumps, but these nifty gizmos are actually new-design wine stoppers from Metrokane. Thoroughly multi-functional, the plugs not only keep your vino fresh, their color-coded gauges lets you know exactly how tight that seal actually is. Helpful!