NIKOLAS COLTON EVANS: Sad — But Sadly Not the First


The sad case of 21 year-old Nikolas Colton Evans (above) is tragic, but not the first of its kind. Colton, whom we are now learning, was killed on Sunday after being hit and falling outside an Austin, TX bar.

As per his wishes, his vital organs are to be removed for donation — a good thing — and his mother has requested that Evans’ sperm also be
so that he may one day father children.

A Texas judge has approved the request — which should be carried out in the coming days before Evans is taken off life support and allowed to die.

The case is so sad, but very similar to another one two years ago in Israel. In this instance, Israeli soldier Keivin Cohen had his sperm collected upon his death fighting in the Gaza Strip in 2002. The sperm had been sitting on ice for half a decade before his mother won the right to use Keivin’s sperm to impregnate a 25 year old woman who agreed to carry the child on behalf of his parents.

Apparently, lacking a proper will, the hospital where Cohen’s sperm was stored would not release it for…well…release.

But Israeli judges consented and…well…we’re not really sure what happened next.

Anyone out there wanna help?


2 Responses to “NIKOLAS COLTON EVANS: Sad — But Sadly Not the First”

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  2. Nichole Byron Says:

    If I could find a way to get ahold of the Evans, I would. I read the story at work while I was sitting at my desk and I was really saddened by how everything happened to their family. I am a twenty-five year old who has a child and I carried a child for another family friend. I would actually consider helping the Evans in carrying a child for them, if I could even be considered. I mean, for a twenty-one year old to already have his life planned out for himself is amazing, but have it ripped away from him and his family is just horrible. My deepest sympathy goes out to him and his family.


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